Thursday 27 January 2011

We supposedly work 35 hours a week but because of the varying lengths of shifts sometimes we work more and sometimes we work less. The whole thing is meant to balance out over 12 weeks (could be more, can’t remember offhand) and in order to achieve this when the last timetable came in we were given one 4-hour spare duty on Tuesday and another one Wednesday. No doubt these will disappear when the new timetable comes in on March 6 but yesterday it was my turn for a nice little “snip”.

The DMT handed me a job the moment I booked on, getting a train out of the sidings for LOU who were short staffed and then handing it over on the platform. When I got there they’d already sent someone to get it out so I headed back to LES.

And that was it; I sat around till it was time to go home then watched West Ham crash out of the League Cup. Off till Sunday when I’m back on nights. Have a nice weekend, folks.

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