Friday 7 January 2011

Wednesday started pretty much the same as Tuesday except this time I was put into Plat 2 at EPP and could see that the ticket gates were open, the ticket office and the Super’s office were dark, even the public toilets and the waiting room were locked; EPP was unstaffed again. I called Wood Lane who confirmed that both EPP and SNA were devoid of staff. All slightly ironic since yesterday the Evening Standard reported Transport Commissioner Peter Hendy saying that no stations would be left unstaffed while trains were running so either he is being misinformed by LUL or…………

Regardless the last WER went to timetable and I took particular notice of the shunt signal on 24; once bitten, etc. No engineers train to delay me leaving the depot but on the approach to NOA junction there was a red signal waiting for me where none should be. When I rolled into NOA there was an engineers train on the middle platform having come up from the EAB branch. Despite being only a couple of minutes late finishing I am getting very suspicious that the engineers trains are conspiring to delay me and make me miss my bus.

Thursday night I was spare, everyone was in and there was nothing for me to do. Spare again tonight, hopefully similar.

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